What I love most about art, in any format, is capturing a moment – whether from real life or the imagination. I’ve always thought of my artworks as a snapshot of a bigger reality, in a way, I’ve always been a story-teller, but not a comedian. What I mean by that is that I love little stories, writing poems is amongst my repertoire of creativity, but I am bad at punch lines. I suck at coming up with an end. Thus I write poems, and not short stories. So these Cinemgraphs, they are just like poems: capturing the little poetic stories that make life so beautiful.

“To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour.” – William Blake
My boss (and friend) Heath’s backyard. This is technically my first Cinemagraph, but I think the next one will be a major improvement, seeing as I used this as a tutorial.
Manual Focus
Considering the time I spent on it, I’d say I’m 99% happy with this one. I took quite a bit of footage, so selecting the correct segment was painful. Also, even though the camera was on a tripod, my gentle focus-pull still created some stagger that I had to correct. Blending it seamlessly was a challenge as well, as I’m trying to avoid ‘forward-reverse’ loops, as I think they have a bad rhythm, also it’s too easy, so I won’t learn anything doing it that way, but hey, maybe I’ll swallow my words in the future.
In a way, this is more of a cinemagraph than the previous two. It’ short and simple with a small file size and only a few frames.  I’d like to focus a bit more on subtlety as I move forward. What I like about this one though is the subject matter, wind and water are obvious loops, but it’s tricky to find something unique.
Strolling Kitty
A cinemagraph of my cat friend ‘Ninja’, in my ex-apartment, JHB, SA. I accidentally captured this while I was setting up my camera for the Visual Music cinemeagraph (which can be seen here).
Living in South Africa, so close to many various nature reserves does give me some very lovely natural subject-matter to work with.
The settings I used to export from PS (for the ones on my site, Behance requires GIF's to no more than 600 px wide).
Below is the GIF that started it all, as posted on DeviantART, the positive response fed my interest in short looping animations, and eventually led to my love of Cinemagraphs: poetry in motion.

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